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Scratch N’ Dent Appliances

Our Scratch N’ Dent appliances are backed by a standard 1-year manufacturer warranty, and are tested, inspected, and certified ready for sale by our trained technicians. Inventory changes daily. Please give us a call at 260-927-8267 or use our live Text feature to talk with Sales now for Scratch N’ Dent options!

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Our second location, Van’s Value Center located in Angola, Indiana, has hundreds of Scratch N’ Dent appliances on sale up to 50% off, in-stock, and ready to go home with you today! View the available inventory for our Value Center location in Angola, Indiana online now.


Scratch N’ Dent Grading System

Our Scratch N’ Dent appliances come with varying degrees of damage, from minor or virtually unnoticeable defects to those with multiple instances. We want to make shopping for Scratch N’ Dent appliances as easy as possible, and created the following Grading System so that you know what kind of quality to expect, while saving up to 50% off retail:

Grade A

Models given an “A” Grade will have no noticeable defects such as dents or scratches on the front of the unit. There may be very minor defects on the sides of the unit. Overall, models with an “A” Grade will have very minor, minimal defects, and depending on the type of appliance, may not be visible once installed.

Grade B

Models given a “B” Grade will have some very minor, noticeable defects such as small scratches or dents on the front of the unit and may have more noticeable defects on the sides. Overall, you can expect models with a “B” Grade to come with some minor, noticeable defects, but nothing egregious.

Grade C

Models given a “C” Grade will have multiple defects on the front, such as scratches and/or dents. They will also have heavy side defects including damage to the corners of the unit. Overall, you can expect models with a “C” Grade to come with multiple, more noticeable defects.

Grade D

Models given a “D” Grade will have multiple instances of scratches or dents both on the front and sides of the unit, as well as damage to the corners of the unit. Overall, you can expect models with a “D” Grade to come with many defects.

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Our team is happy to help! Give us a call at 260-905-8080 or use our Chat feature on our website now. We look forward to helping you find the perfect Scratch N’ Dent appliances for your home!

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